At Jolly's Toys, we offer a variety of high-quality wooden toys for all ages, including some US and European-made. Of course, we also make our own wooden fact, you may even catch our woodworker hard at work in our on-site woodshop!

One of our favorite things to do at Jolly's Toys is to play games and puzzles, so we have quite a few in our stock! Our puzzles include a vast jigsaw puzzle collection, forged metal puzzles, and unique wooden mechanical puzzles--just to name a few! Our games range from great introductory games for young ages, to fun family card and board games, to complicated strategy games.

Some toys are truly classic, and they are a core part of who we are at Jolly's Toys. From an extensive collection of reproduced tin toys and wind-ups, to childhood favorites such as yoyos, balsa wood gliders, musical instruments, and so much more, we hope to introduce these classic toys to a new generation and remind both young and old alike of what it means to be a kid!

One of the things we strive for at Jolly's toys is to find toys that are "off the beaten path". With this mission, we have sought out some unique yet amazing toys we hope you'll enjoy. From incredibly realistic snow that magically forms in your hand, to intricately designed leather purses and barrettes, to modern and unique fidgets, we hope you'll enjoy exploring our many products!